Sri Irukkankudi Mari Amman temple

Arulmigu Mariamman Temple is located at Irukkangudi about 8 km East of Sathur on Thiruchendur Highway via Vilathikulam from Trichy, Madurai and Virudhunagar. This temple is located between the two rivers Vaipparu and Arjuna. As two Ganges meet here it got its name Irukkangudi. River Arjuna flowing in the Northern part of this temple originates at Mahalinga hills known as Vathira Iruppu hills in the west. According to Thiruthankal Temple Lore once upon a time when Pancha Pandavas came here, Arjuna prayed to Goddess Ganga and split the earth with Legend has it that 300 years ago between Arjuna and Vaiparu rivers, a group of women had been to the middle of the Vaippar river , to collect cow dung which they had placed for drying during summer season. One of the women, Paripooranathammal, could not lift her basket after placing it on the riverbed. Even after removing the cow dung, the basket could not be lifted. She herself was influenced by the power of Goddess and exclaimed that Amman was under the ground where the basket was placed and ordered them to take her out and build a temple. The villagers found the idol of mother Amman, built the temple and started doing the poojas. Since then, she is the deity for the villagers taking care of their welfare. Another legend has it that Shivayoga gnana siddhar, an ardent devotee of Goddess Amman, got a boon from her that she will appear at the spot where he will attain Samadhi.      Book Now

Parasakthi Mariamman Temple

Virudhunagar is a major business town and it is the capital of Virudhunagar District located at a distance of 45 Kms South-West of Madurai. This place was once referred to as The town was awash in religious fervour and all roads led to Sri Parasakthi Mariamman Temple here on Monday on the occasion of agni chatti. To the drum beat of indigenous musical instruments and traditional dance, hundreds of men and women, young and old, clad in wet yellow sari or dhoti, carried a small pot of burning fire on their hands and marched towards the temple in frenzy. Some other devotees poured oil in the pot to keep the fire burning. A few kept neem leaves on their hands to tone down the heat while others carried the pot without any protection. To thank the deity some carried their children in a cradle made of clothes hung around their necks and others had slung the children in a cradle balanced on a few sugarcane stems. Some had pierced their cheeks or tongues with small religious symbols, made of steel. Unmindful of the scorching sun, devotees were also seen thronging the Sri Vala Subramanya Swami and Sri Parasakthi Veyilu Kandamman Temple. Virudhunagar Hindu Nadar Devasthanam and the police had made necessary arrangements. The car festival will take place tomorrow followed by manjal neerattam on April 11. The festival will come to a close on April 14.      Book Now

Vembakottai Dam

Vembakottai Reservoir nestles in the Virudhunagar District. It is situated on the distributaries of Vaippar River of Tamil Nadu. Along with being known as a water reservoir, it is also a famous picnic spot with gardens and boating facilities made available. It features picturesque surroundings with abundant natural and artificial trees and plantations. The Dam was constructed by the Tamil Nadu Government for irrigation purpose with a point of view of agricultural development. But, over the years it gained quiet popularity and now, it is one of the most preferred picnic spots. The water retention of the Vembakottai Reservoir is from seven different distributaries of Vaippar River. Due to this, the streams commence their journey from the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. The water flows in full speed during monsoon and for this reason, not all the canals are opened. The Vembakottai Reservoir is the prime source of water for a numerous villages and towns situated in the surrounding region.      Book Now