Noor Lake

One of the most important tourists attractive places in the Malappuram District, Kerala the Gods Own Country. It is one of the most popular first out door studio in Kerala and in southern India. The green beauty of NOOR LAKE is especially during the monsoons are a wonderful sight. This lake is surrounded by 12 Acrs dense green artificial forests and Tirur River that are home to a wide variety of birds. It is a real feast for the eyes..The park opens on sundays only and there is no charge or entry fee to visit it. To avoid the rush only family is allow to enter the park. The concept behind the Noor Lake is Mr. NOOR MOHAMMED.       Book Now

Trikandiyur Shiva temple

The Trikandiyur Shiva temple at Tirur is believed to have been built by Parasurama, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The temple attracts devotees from all over Kerala. The only temple dedicated to Garuda, the king of birds, revered as the carrier of Lord Vishnu, is on the Chamravattom Road at Triprangode, near Tirur. The famous Hanuman temple the Alathiyur Hanuman temple, is about 12 km from Tirur. The Puthiyangadi Mosque, in the small town of Puthiyangadi near Tirur, is a famous pilgrim centre of Muslims.One of the major pilgrimage centre in Tirur is the Trikkandiyoor Siva Temple situated at Malappuram district. The temple is also known as Kandiyoor Mahadevar templeThe idol at this ancient temple said to have been installed by Parasurama, the legendary creator of Kerala. The temple is located near the town of Tirur and attracts devotees from far and wide. The temple is administered by Zamorin Raja of KozhikodeOne of the major pilgrimage centre in Tirur is the Trikkandiyoor Siva Temple situated at Trikkandiyoor. Several other temples are also there surrounding this temple such as Ambalakulangare temple, Ayyapan kavu and Krishna temlple. Vaavulsavam is the major festival associated with Trikkandiyoor temple. There is another famous Shiva temple in the same name is there at Mavelikkara. The temple is known as Kandiyoor Mahadevar temple. The worshipers and devotees call Trikandiyoor temple for this temple also.      Book Now

Swetaranya Ayurvedasram

They focus strictly to practice and propagate authentic Ayurveda, as per scriptures. 100 year old Namboothiri Tharavadu converted in to an Ayurveda Kuteeram- home hospital. Kuteeram, has strong healing and positive energy, due to daily rituals like pooja, Ganapathihomam and yearly rituals like Sarppa bali -offering to snakes-, Vettekkaran Pattu -Special function to please Lord Kirathamoorthi. In the ritual, the Tantrik, Velichappadu will break 3000 coconut continuously in a rhythm following the Drum beat- This has been in practice for more than 100 years. Chief physician stays with family in the campus to give more personal care and to have personal involvement in all activities. Place is so calm, clean, green and environment friendly. One will mentally and physically be relaxed when they experience the natural village ambience here. Daily Yoga, Meditation, Mantra chanting, Health and cooking classes will help the patients to understand the importance of good health, their body constituency and the ways to maintain their health. Patients can attend the daily pooja and ganapathy homam( fire ritual). This will give mental purification and spiritual advancement. Most of the vegetables are procured from own organic farm.      Book Now

Thunchan Parambu

Thunchathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, the 16th century poet, is known as the father of Malayalam language the principal language of the Indian state of Kerala. His works also popularised the writing system adopted by him, which is the current Malayalam alphabet. Thunchan Parambu derives its name from Thunchathu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, who rendered in his own distinctive poetic style the stories of great epics viz. the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The Government of Kerala constituted the Thunchan Memorial Management Committee in 1964 in order to propagate the vision and values of the great poet and to promote Malayalam language and literature. The Thunchan Memorial Trust was formed in 2001 to independently expand these activities under the leadership of legendary writer Mr. M. T. Vasudevan Nair. The Thunchan Memorial Trust has facilities that include a Saraswathi Manadapam, a granite structure, an auditorium with a seating capacity of 500, an open air stage, cottages for guests, dormitory, dining hall and two ponds. The research library here has a collection of around 15,000 books and 120 manuscripts. Computer and Internet facility are also available here. The University of Calicut has recognised it as a research centre and students, research scholars and those who love the language frequent the centre from all over the country.      Book Now