Thenmala Dam

Thenmala is a tourist place near Punalur town, Kollam district in Kerala. Thenmala is the first planned eco tourism destination in India. The Thenmala dam was built across Kallada River. The word Thenmala in the local language Malayalam has an interesting meaning. Then means honey and Mala means hill; and they combine to mean Honey Hill. It is believed that the honey collected from this region is of very good quality owing to its unique biological settings. Managed by Thenmala Eco Tourism Promotional Society, which is an undertaking of the Government of Kerala, Thenmala Eco tourism is a unique destination from a visitors point of view. It has equal opportunities for fun, adventure, leisure and for learning the significance and necessity of eco friendly measures for promoting tourism related activities.The Thenmala Dam is a popular ecotourism destination in Kerala. The Dam, which impounds the largest reservoir in the state which was built under the Kallada Irrigation and Tree Crop development project. The construction of the Parappar Dam across the confluence of the Chenduruney, Kazhuthurutty and Kulathupuzha rivers has resulted in the creation of a beautiful artificial lake of about 26 Sq. Km. which spreads along the middle of the Chenduruny Wildlife sanctuary. It is the second largest irrigation project in Kerala and its waters are now used for power generation.The Dam and its surroundings is a popular picnic spot. You can do boating in the reservoir, surrounded by the verdant beauty around you. You can buy your tickets at the eco tourism center. A battery powered van takes you to the boarding point. It is a pleasant experience to sail down the long reservoir surrounded by the woods of the Chenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary on both sides of the reservoir.      Book Now

Butterfly Safari Park

The Butterfly Jungle is coming back.The exhibit at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park features thousands of beautiful butterflies as they fly, float and flutter in an aviary that also includes exotic birds, as well as, lush greenery and flowers.Butterfly Jungle guests are able to walk leisurely among butterflies of all colors, shapes and sizes, take photos, and learn about these remarkable flying creatures. Guests are also encouraged to wear bright colors and move slowly to attract the butterflies.There will be more than 30 species of butterflies, hailing from Africa, Asia, Central, South and North America, featuring amazing butterflies such as, the zebra longwing, orange barred tiger, Grecian shoemaker, monarch, giant swallowtail and blue morpho. In addition to butterflies, there are 15 exotic bird species that share the aviary.An abode of the butterflies in an open ambience. A garden of host plants for the butterfly has been created enabling the large number of butterfly species of the region to thrive. A guided walk (Safari) along the nature trail of the garden will provide the visitor an opportunity to sight the butterflies and to learn about the butterflies.An abode of the butterflies in an open ambience. A garden of host plants for the butterfly has been created enabling the large number of butterfly species of the region to thrive. A guided walk (Safari) along the nature trail of the garden will provide the visitor an opportunity to sight the butterflies and to learn about the butterflies.      Book Now


Madathara is a village located in the Chithara Panchayath of Kollam district. It Is a border town of the two Districts, Kollam and Trivandrum.Madathara is a village situated in the vicinity of Thenmala. The nearby Tropical Botanic Garden of India, Forest Training School and Rocket Propulsion Centre at Valiyamala are some of the attractions.It Is a border town of the two Districts, Kollam and Trivandrum.Places of interest include the Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden of India at Palode, Forest Training School at Arippa, Oil Palm India Ltds Plantation Estate, the Rocket Propulsion Center at Valiyamala and the Kulathupuzha Sastha Temple.Madathara is about 56 km away from district headquarters Kollam and 46 km away from Thiruvananthapuram. The nearest railway station is Thenmala railway station (about 20 km) and Paravur railway station(45 km).Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is the nearest airport.The climate here is tropical. Most months of the year are marked by significant rainfall. The short dry season has little impact. This climate is considered to be Am according to the Koppen Geiger climate classification. The temperature here averages 26.5 C. In a year, the average rainfall is 1891 mm.      Book Now

Musical Dancing Fountain

The Magic of Water is taking place in your event with a wonderful light and water show of dancing fountains perfectly synchronized with music.This unique Musical fountain has made Aquatique Show famous worldwide and never failed to impress the audience.Proposed in a range of dimensions from 8 to 30 meters long with possible regulation of the height, the Musical fountain can fit either in outdoor and outdoor locations, and can even be integrated in stages or small areas.Composed of more than 14 different water effects (rotating jets, waltzes, rain curtain), each water effect is reproduced several times on the water facade to create a complete aquatic ballet which can play as much on modern electro music than on traditional classical pieces. The Musical Fountain can be the perfect water effect to add to live performances such as live Orchestra or Dance performances to create a water show background and ornament to your scenery.An open air Musical Dancing Fountain which is considered, as Natures Dance is another major attraction. A synchronized rhythmic ballet of water, sound and light located in the natural surroundings. Such a natural ambience is very rare and hence provides a unique and authentic experience.      Book Now

Palaruvi Falls

Palaruvi Falls was one of those waterfalls that apparently had ayurvedic healing properties as we were told the stream meandered through some natural herbal groves further upstream. To make it easier for visitors to get the benefit of these ayurvedic properties by bathing in the waterfalls waters, Julie and I noticed there were changing rooms as well as designated gender separated bathing areas in the stream itself.As for photographing the falls, I found out that it wasnt easy as the most direct view of the falls was only available in the ladies only section so only the ladies could get it. However, even that view wasnt that great thanks to large boulders obstructing views of the bottommost sections of the tall waterfall. The difficulty was exacerbated because the male only side appeared to be off limits due to a rockfall (probably the same one that obstructed views from the ladies side) that apparently washed out a bridge. So I had to rely on Julie to go to the female section to take the more frontal photographs of the waterfall.Beyond the bathing area, the walking path ascended a set of stairs leading up to a sheltered overlook. From that vantage point, it was difficult to capture the whole falls since it was too close to Palaruvi Falls, especially since the waterfall itself was too tall. It was said that this falls was around 300ft tall (other sources have claimed it to be 91m tall or 299ft). Nonetheless, there were more cascades and rapids further downstream of the main falls perhaps adding to our perception that Palaruvi Falls was indeed tall and impressive.The Palaruvi Falls were actually considered to be a member of a cluster of other waterfalls apparently with ayurvedic healing properties. This one was the only one in that cluster that I know of in Kerala while the others were across the nearby state border in the state of Tamil Nadu near the town of Courtallam.      Book Now

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary Established in 1984 is situated on either side of the Parappar reservoir and is the only sanctuary in the Kollam district.. The sanctuary covers a total area of 171 sq kms and is acclaimed the world over for its bio diversity true art of nature . The Parappar dam has been built across the Shendurney River where it joins with Kulathupuzha river and Kalthuruttiar at Thenmala and serves the purpose of irrigation in Kollam and Pathanamthitta districts. The lake covers a total area of 13.72 sq kms. The mean temperature during summer is 35 degree centigrade and during winters it around 16 degree centigrade, with the annual rainfall is approximately 3200 mm. The terrain here is rugged with gentle to steep slopes ranging between 90m to 1550m. The tourist season is during the cooler months from October to March.Ecotourism, a purposeful travel to natural areas to understand the cultural and natural history of environment, taking care not to alter the integrity of the ecosystem, while producing economic opportunities that make conservation of natural resources beneficial to local people is gaining more and more attention during the recent years.Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is unique in its scenic beauty and authentic ambience of nature. Nature loving tourists are given a rare opportunity to stay inside the forests in specially built camping houses as part of the camping packages run by Shendurney Ecotourism. Along with jungle camping, tourists are offered vegetarian food, trekking, jeep safari , bird watching etc.      Book Now