Sree Guruvayoorappan Temple

Palakkad district, Ottappalam Taluk, Anakkara Panchayath, Kumbidi P.O Legends speak that Sri Varahamurthi temple at Panniyur Village, Palakkad District, Kerala State was consecrated by non other than the great Parasurama, nearly 4000 years ago. Since that time this temple was the proud legacy of the people of Keralites, their foremost temple. For about 3000 years this had remained so. However, about 7 or 8 centuries back this great temple fell into ruins, as a result of the fractional fights between the two communites, namely the cheras and the cholas. Panniyur GramamIn this context it would be interesting and topical to recapitulate the etchings on a copper plate in round scripts made by the then living scholar Sri Appath Ateri.       Book Now

Siva Temple

This is one of the most important temples of Malabar. The temple is situated on a small hill in Angadippuram which is near Perunthal manna, which is about 60 kilometer from Shoranur. Angadippuram is also a railway station in the Shoranur Nilambur route. People who do not get married come to this temple for performing special pooja to get married. It is believed that this temple is associated with king Mandhatha, who was an ancestor of Lord Rama The story goes like this. Yuvanasva was a great king in the Ikshuvaku dynasty. He did not have children. He happened to go to the ashram of Bhrugu Maharishi. The sage agreed to do a special pooja. It happened that Yuvanasva drank the divine water kept in a pot after pooja in the sages ashram. He became pregnant. A son was delivered to him by cutting his stomach. When the child was crying for milk, Devendra asked the child to suck its own thumb saying Maam daasya (drink me). This boy became a great king called Mandatha. He pleased Lord Shiva by doing great penance and at last Lord Shiva appeared before him and gave him, Shivas own statue, which goddess Parvathi worshipped for getting him as her husband. Mandatha consecrated this Lingam in Thiru Mandhan Kunnu. When Goddess Parvathi came to know about it, she was upset and sent her daughter Bhadrakali to recover it. There was Great War between Bhadrakali and Mandatha. (commemorating this, there is a festival in this temple in the month of Thula in which two groups of people throw Attanga (a wild fruit of a tree growing in the temple) at each other). When Bhadrakali tried to snatch the Shiva Linga from the hands of Mandatha, it split in to two. Lord Shiva and Parvathi appeared before them. This is why the Shiva lingam installed in the temple is split in to two. Then King Mandatha consecrated another temple for Bhadrakali, who was the daughter of Parvathi. She faces north at this temple. When King Mandatha was nearing his end, two learned Brahmins came to the temple. The king taught all the rituals to be followed to them and entrusted the temples to them. He is supposed to have attained Samadhi then. His Samadhi can be found in Kukshipara which is to the north of the main temple.      Book Now