Dhanushkodi is an abandoned town at the south-eastern tip of Pamban Island of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is situated to the South-East of Pamban and is about 18 miles west of Talaimannar in Sri Lanka.Our visit to Dhanushkodi is totally unexpected and a memorable one. We decide to go to Dhanushkodi as a part of our visit to Rameshwaram and expecting a crowded place, are taken aback by the exceptionally bumpy ride by a jeep to this island, which enchants you with its beautiful views of the two oceans namely the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, but at the same time leaves an eerie feeling with its emptiness and a view of the ruins that give you the impression that this has been a different place before. This deserted island is occupied by hutments of fisherfolk who seem to live in isolation and with no connection other than jeeps to the mainland and their main means of survival seems to depend on the fish they catch from the sea. With no basic facilities to depend on, we come across an interesting way in which women from these communities get their drinking water and wonder if this is the place where reality coexists/mingles with myths, mysteries and miracles turning it into a seemingly unique location.      Book Now

Pamban Bridge

The Pamban Road Bridge connects the National Highway (NH 49) with the Rameswaram island. It stands on the palk strait and between the shores of Mandapam (Place on the Indian Main land) and Pamban (One of the fishermen town in Rameswaram island). And it stands parallel to the Pamban Rail Bridge. My Rameswaram Pamban Road Bridge Pamban Road Bridge: Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge Pamban road bridge The Pamban Road Bridge connects the National Highway (NH 49) with the Rameswaram island. It stands on the palk strait and between the shores of Mandapam (Place on the Indian Main land) and Pamban (One of the fishermen town in Rameswaram island). And it stands parallel to the Pamban Rail Bridge Quick History of Pamban Road Bridge After the cyclone of 1964, A plan for a Road bridge parallel to the Existed Railway bridge was proposed by the Tamilnadu Government, but it was cancelled by Indian Railway Ministry . The construction works of Pamban Road bridge was commenced on 17.11.1974 by the Indian Highway department . (By that time they estimate the cost for built this bridge as 537.57 Lakhs !! J ) and contracted to M/S Neelakandan Brothers Engs ., Madras . After the 1978 cyclone the work was carried out slowly, After few years the construction work contract was given to the New Gammon India Ltd., (The Government sanctioned 16.6514 crore INR by 1986). The work was completed on 1988 , ( It takes merely 14 years to complete this Engineering Marvel ). This Road Bridge was named as ANNAI INDIRA GANDHI ROAD BRIDGE, and inaugurated by former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi On the date of October 2, 1988.       Book Now

Pamban Island

Pamban Island is a place of tourist interest which is connected with the mainland of India by the Pamban Bridge. Constructed in 1914, the Pamban Bridge refers to both the road bridge and the cantilever railway bridge.This island is also known as Rameshwaram Island. The principal town in the island is the pilgrimage centre of Rameswaram. Famous from its mention in the stories of the Ramayana, this island is a famous spot for tourists to flock to from all around the country. This island is also known as rameshwaram Island and is a very famous tourist destination for people in Tamil Nadu. The principal town in the island is the pilgrimage centre of Rameswaram wic is known from its mention in the Ramayana as well. Coconut and palm trees are found in abundance apart from fig and eucalyptus plants. It is a perfect place to spend a summer holiday in peace. Pamban Island constitutes a separate taluk of Ramanathapuram district with four administrative divisions: Okarisalkulam, Mahindi, Pamban and Rameswaram. There are two administrative villages:Pamban and Rameswaram. The two main towns on Pamban Island are Pamban and Rameswaram. There are also smaller settlements upon the island like Thangachimadam. The taluk headquarters is at Rameswaram. There are railway stations at Pamban and Rameswaram.       Book Now

Rameswaram Temple

The temple and the island of Rameswaram have acquired this name because, Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva, the God of Gods here on return from Sri Lanka. According to legend, after killing Ravana Lord Rama returned with his consort Goddess Seetha to India first stepping on the shores of Rameswaram. To expiate the "dosha" of killing a brahmin, Lord Rama wanted to offer worship to Lord Shiva. Since there was no shrine in the island had despatched Sri Hauman to Kailash to bring an idol of Lord Shiva. Between 1897 and 1904, the ALAR family of Devakottai completed the imposing eastern tower of nine tiers 126 feet in height from Thiruppani funds. Between 1907 and 1925 they renovated the Sanctum Sanctorum and the prakaram(inner most corridor) by replacing the lime stones by black granite with adequate provision for light and ventilation and also arranged for the performance of Ashtabandana Kumbabishekam in 1925; then on 22-2-1947 and the third Ashtabandana Maha Kumbabishegam was performed on 5-2-1975.During the construction of first corridor, it was decided to renovate the second corridor. The lime stone structure in Second corridor was dismantled and started granited stone work. But only compound wall in west side and one portion in north side of western wing in south gate was renovate. After that no Renovation work as done. Therefore, it was proposed to complete the Renovation work of Second Corridor by collecting Funds from the public. Between 1961 to 1985, the Renovation work of Second Corridor was taken up and completed the western side of Second Corridor and a portion in North and South side, from the Temple Renovation Fund. Now it has been proposed to complete the Renovation of Second Corridor which has been unfinished and the Renovation work is started now.       Book Now

Agni Tirtham

The eastern sea shore opposite to the Ramanathaswamy temple is named as Agni theertham . This is one of the 64 sacred baths in Rameswaram (theerthams), Every day thousands of pilgrims took bath in this holy sea .Holistic rituals such as prohithams, yangnya( yaham), tharpanam(ritual for the ancestors who were dead) has been performed in the shores of Agni theertham. It is believed that , by took bath in this sea will vanish ones sins, and make them pure again, and mixing the ashes of the dead person in this sea (Agni theertham) will brings peace to the soul of the dead . Pilgrims those who are plan for sacred bath in theerthas should first took bath in Agni theertham and followed by that bath in theerthas inside the temple. The childless couples performing specific poojas (holy rituals) in the shores of agni theertha and offer their prayers to the Ramanathaswamy (The main deity of this temple), they believed that by performing these rituals and holy bath in rameswaram , they will be blessed with child.      Book Now