Adi Kumbeswarar Temple

Kumbeswarar temple is a famous Hindu temple with presiding deity of Kumbakonam and the Lord consort Manthrapeeteswari Mangalambika. The famous Hindu festival of Mahamaham is associated with this temple. This temple was built more than 1300 years old with an area of 30181 Sq ft, a length and breadth of 750 feet and 252 feet respectively. It contains a lingam said to have been made by Shiva himself when he mixed the nectar of immortality with sand. A Unique feature here is the depiction of 27 stars and the 12 Zodiac signs carved on a large block of stone in the Navarathri Mandapa. It also has a superb collection of silver Vahanas (Vehicles) which are used during festivals to carry the temple deities. This temple comprises of three Praharas and three Gopurams in the eastern, northern and western directions. The East Gopuram consists of 9 stories with a height of 128 ft.      Book Now

Airavatesvara Temple

Airavatesvara Temple is a Hindu temple of Dravidian architecture located in the town of Darasuram, near Kumbakonam in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Palaiyarai is ancient temple city and the Capital of the Cholas. King Raja Kambeera Mamannan, Raja Raja Chola II (1146 A.D. to 1172 A.D) changed his capital from Gangaikonda Cholapuram to Palaiyarai and renamed it as Raja Raja Puram (at present it is Darasuram). There were 1000 Thaligal (temples) in palaiyarai .There were 4 padai veedus (Military Camps) on all the four directions of the Capital. Thalicherippendirgal were appointed by the king to develop fine arts especially music and dance in the temple during festival occasions. King Raja Raja II constructed in his name a beautiful temple called Raja Rajechuram (at present Airavatheeswara) in1160 A.D. to 1162 A.D. This Raja Rajechuram (Raja Rajeschuram Tharechuram Darachuram Darasurm) became Darasuram at present. It is a world heritage monument protected by UNESCO.      Book Now

Kasi Viswanathar Temple

Kasi Viswanathar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the deity Shiva, located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, and India. Shiva is worshipped as Kasi Viswanathar, and is represented by the lingam. His consort Parvati is depicted as Visalakshi.The frame of the cosmic reality, according to ancient Hindu thought, consists of the three fundamental states called evolution (Shrishthi), existence (sthiti), and involution (samhara) that acts in a cyclic process of infinity. Each one of the forms is controlled by a God, named Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Siva/Shiva (the destroyer); these three Gods are called the Trinity. About 700 years ago, King Parakrama Pandiya was taking up a pilgrimage to Kasi as and when he desired to worship Lord Viswanatha. The Lord appeared in his dream that he could build a temple here itself to avoid a long journey to north. He advised the king to follow the movement of antís row and build the temple where it ended. The ant-line ended on the banks Chitraru River dense with Shenbaga trees. He found a swayambulinga near an anthill and built the temple as directed by the Lord. Lord Shiva graces in the temple as a swayambumurthi. Worshipping the Lord in this temple is as equal to worshipping the Lord in Kasi Varanasi. Presiding deity Lord Kasi Viswanatha is visible to the devotee even from a distance of one Km      Book Now

Ramaswamy temple

Ramaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu located in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, and India Sri Rama Navami is celebrated in the temple with special pujas in March-April Panguni Tamil month. On the Masi Maga day in February-March, Lord Sri Rama and Mother Sita visit the Maga Magam Temple Tank for a bath and offer Theertha Prasad to devotees. Lord Sri Rama and Mother Sita are seated together in the beautiful form in wedding posture. Devotees believe that praying in this temple would bring them a best match with a sacrificial quality for the sake of the each other. Satrugna is on the left of Lord Rama with a Samara fanning his brother, Bharatha holding the Royal Umbrella and Hanuman on the right and Lakshmana appears with his bow as usual. Sri Hanuman graces here with a Veena against his usual appearance with a club. He was singing the glory of Lord Rama. This indicates that Sri Hanuman is not only an erudite scholar but a good musician too. He is holding the Ramayana epic in one hand. It is said that He is singing the Ramayana story. The temple has all the features that Ramayana tells us and is a tribute to Rama bhaktas. The temple has beautiful architecture pieces that have been built by the Nayakkar kings. Govinda Dikshitar, the prime minister of the Nayaks, constructed the temple. He added an enterprise corridor between his new temple and the older Chakrapani temple. The temple has a 3-tiered gopuram surrounded by walls. The pillars in the hall near the gopuram are sculpted with exquisite finesse depicting various episodes of the epic Ramayana. Each pillar is carved out of a single stone.      Book Now