Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktipeet Tirth Dham

Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktipeet Tirth Dam, known also as Krishnagiri Shaktipeetam, is one of the major attractions at Krishnagiri. Krishnagiri Shaktipeetam, dedicated to Sri Padmavathi Devi, was founded by Sri Vasanth Gurudev-Ji and it focuses on Mathru Upasana of Sri Parshwanath Bhagwan, the 23rd Thirthankar of the 24 Thirthankars of Jainism. Krishnagiri Shaktipeetam is situated at a distance of 7 km from Krishnagiri town at Orappam VillageThousands of acres of land around Krishnagiri is irrigated with the help of this dam. This is a famous tourist spot too. This dam is flooded with tourists during the week ends. This has become a picnic spot for citizens of Hosur area. Tourists from adjoining state often visit this place on holidays. Winters are generally pleasant and comfortable. This is the best time to visit the place. There are three distinct seasons that can be seen in Krishnagiri. Summer is from the months of March to June.      Book Now

kelevarapalli Dam

It has a catchment area of 1,424 square miles (3,690 km2) located in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh states. Kelavarapalli dam is built across this river near Hosur. The Krishnagiri dam and Sathanur Dam are also built across this river. Moongilthuraipattu Sugar Factory is situated on the bank of river. The Kelevarapalli Dam, around 10km away from Hosur, is one of the prime tourist attractions in the city. The dam is built over the Ponnaiyar River, which enters Tamil Nadu from Karnataka. It is a perfect place for a picnic with friends or family, with a great park for children to play. The dam boasts of a scenic location, which is a dream for photography enthusiasts.Kelavarapalli Dam has been constructed on the River Ponniar. This dam has the capacity to store 480 m3 Ft. The dam irrigates the agricultural lands of Krishnagiri, Vellore, Cuddalore and Dharampuri districts. It is located at a distance of 10 km from Hosur. Kelavarapalli dam is a place worth visiting for the natural beauty and pollution free environment. City dwellers can enjoy the typical village culture by visiting the nearby Chennathur village. Bird watchers can enjoy the site of various migratory birds in the vicinity.      Book Now


Rayakottah, a hill fort, situated at a distance of 30 Km from Hosur marks the border of the Palghat plateau. Even after the Mysore wars, for the British it was a strategic place where their troops were stationed till 1861. The ramparts and the bastions of the fort are more or less intact. The fort is a protected monument. Scouting for possible one-day getaways from Bangalore, I stumbled on Rayakottai in the Krishnagiri tourism website. This was followed by a curious search in the Internet which gave me limited information about the place and its history. And we, a group of motorbikers, decided to explore this place on a lazy Saturday morning. The NICE road was almost empty and we cruised through the broad-deserted road. We continued riding through NH-7 (Bangalore-Chennai highway) only to be halted near Hosur wherein one of the Bullets(Royal Enfield) had broken down. The rest of us continued and we reached the town of Rayakottai in an hour. The sun was slowly catching up, as if it was still not sure whether to wake up from the morning slumber and perform its routine schedule. We spotted a huge rocky hill on the right of the main road as soon as we entered the town. A quick enquiry at the road side tea stall confirmed that as our destination. I picked up a conversation with one of the guys sipping tea and asked him about approximate time to summit the rocky hill. He smirked and said that it would take a few hours for city-dwellers like us, whereas he can climb up and return in within an hour. I smirked and carried on.      Book Now