Lighthouse Beach

Among the tourist places in Kovalam, beaches are the foremost attraction. Kovalam beach is actually a long stretch of white sandy beach running alongside the Malabar Coast. The three separated parts of the beach are Hawah beach, Samudra beach and the Light House beach. The largest among these three beaches is the Light House beach which is a must visit beach of Kovalam. Light house beach is named after the 30 meter high Light house here which is the most important feature of this beach. The Light House is located towards the southern end of the beach and it.      Book Now

Samudra Beach

Samudra beach which is a scenic jewel to Kovalam is located towards the north most region of Kovalam beach. This is separated from other beaches by disjointed fissures and giant promontory. The beach has enormous attractive features among which the most prominent is its isolation and the feel of serenity it offers. You will never find massive crowd of tourists pouring in here. This feature alone draws lots of tourists towards the beach as they can be away from the noisy howls and rushes of their routine city life. This is an absolute paradise for the newly-wed and they can stay immersed in their own world of tranquillity here. Samudra beach has remained impervious to the rapid bloom of tourism and even today the beach is successful in preserving its original appeal. Even though Kovalam tourism has flourished to larger dimensions, the beach has remained unnoticed mainly because of a huge ridge present in between the north and south coastlines. Since the place is not always crowded by tourist population, this part of coastline is preferred for fishing by the local fishermen. Here you can see some wooden fishing vessels and the view of ships far away on the horizon will surely be a sight which you will enjoy watching. You can simply sit on the sea wall and appreciate the majestic view from there. Delight yourself with the visual grace of squashy waves which quietly hasten against the hard rocks. The abundance of coconut trees and palms in this beach augments the beauty and regulates the climate perfectly suitable for tourism.      Book Now

Karamana River

Karamana, the pride of Thiruvananthapuram and an important source of drinking water for the city, is now dreaded and diseased. Parts of the river have been closed to residents now because they are so polluted. What was once a thriving river is now being used as a garbage dump. I decided to trace the path of the river to see how bad the damage really was. The Karamana originates from the Agastyarkoodam mountains located at the southern tip of the Western Ghats. It then flows 68 kilometres westward and merges into the Arabian sea at Thiruvallam. Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, lies fully within the 702 square km area that the river encompasses.The river is an important water resource to meet the domestic and drinking water needs of the population in Thiruvananthapuram city A wide variety of tropical plants including wild cane, bamboo and water lilies are found along the river bank. The cerbera odollam, called othalam in Malayalam, is found along the lower reaches of the river . Different varieties of fish including karimeen, chekkaali, kariyida, pruminali, cherumeen and vaala are found upstream and nedumeen, aaral, maalavu, paaval downstream in the river.      Book Now