Indilayappan temple of valaya vadakku kaipattoor is one of the oldest and most famous Indilayappan temples of kerala located in Pathanamthitta district in a place named Nariyapuram in vallicode village, the temple is the abode of lord Indilayappan the incarnation of two divine powers of lord shiva and lord dharma shastha situated in the back drop of scenic beauty and adorned by scared grooves, all weather clean water ponds and vast ever green meadows , the temple is an embodiment of serenity and peace. Seated in the lap of Mother Nature. The deity is in the form of a natural grown black rock having no cover over head. The deity has free access to national elements in its pure form, reverend as appooppan (the great old grandfather), lord indilayappan is the provider and protector of all living and non living things of the area. Hundreds of people throng every day in the temple to share their sorrows and joys with their appooppan. His benevolent grace covers everything and everybody. It is said that many people have seen him as a tall, muscular, proud old man who has guided weary travelers during nights in yester years. Many people said to have witnessed the devapooja a ritual conducted by super natural powers in the thickness of dark amavasi midnights.      Book Now

Hawa Beach

Hawa beach or Eves beach lies opposite to the Light house beach. Many tourists claim it to be the most beautiful among the beaches in Hawa. The exquisiteness of this Hawa beach is enhanced by the stack of palm grooves which reward a unique elegance to this place. The beach in the early morning is found crowded with native fishermen who rely completely on the sea for their living. Chanting and singing of these people in their local language along with the cadenced waves create a great acoustic treat for the visitors here. Hawa beach is separated from other beaches by the foreland of Edakkalu. From here, you can get the majestic view of sunset at its apex grace. After the sun sets, the calm cove of waters in the beach provides a visual charm of moonlit nights. Hawa tourism is also famous for the mouth watering cuisines here. To satisfy your taste buds you need not have to get into any high class Hawa beach hotel; there are lots of small restaurants all along the beach sides. The dishes here not only quench your hunger but also provide a new unique experience. When it comes to accommodation, a typical Hawa beach resort will definitely include all the facilities which you would love to have. Besides accommodation and food, the management here takes extra care to avail the customers with well tailored customized services as per their demand. Thus you will never feel as if you are far away from your home. There are numerous activities within the resorts itself and you will always be kept entertained.      Book Now

Kallada River

Kallada River flows through Kollam district. This river originates from the Kulathupuzha hills near Ponmudi. This river which has a length of 121 kms flows through the places Pathanapuram, Kunnathur, Kottarakkara and Kollam. The end point of this river is the Ashtamudi Kayal. The river bed is usually rocky and it is difficult to swim and play in such as river. There are huge rocks, deep pits and other obstructions in the river. The main tributaries of Kallada River are Kulathupuzha, Chenthurnipuzha and Kalthuruthipuzha. There is a famous Hanging Bridge built across the river and the famous tourist destination Palaruvi waterfall is also in this river. A new drinking water source the Kallada river has been identified for Kollam city and an allocation of Rs.14 crore has been made for it by the State government. The Pallikkal river is identified for meeting the drinking water requirements of the Chavara Panmana areas, and Rs.16 crore has been allocated for it. The new sources have been identified in order to reduce the pressure on the shrinking freshwater Sasthamcotta Lake which now serves as the drinking water source for these areas. The announcement was made at a meeting at Sasthamcotta on Friday evening, held in the presence of Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.      Book Now


The place that we now call Mahaganapathy temple is actually Kizhakkekara Siva Temple. The main deity is none other than Lord Siva himself Siva facing eastward. In fact Ganapathy is only a minor deity here. But the temple today is famous as a Ganapathy temple rather than a Siva temple. The legend behind this is that Kizhakkekara temple was the property of two Nampoothiri houses Akavoor and Oomanpally. Padinjattinkara Siva temple belonged to the royal house of Elayidathu. One day, before sunrise, rituals were taking place for the consecration of Siva at the Pandinjattinkara temple, the work of which was managed by the legendary Uliyannor Perumthachan. Outside the temple , while listening to the manthras , he started chiselling a piece of jackfruit tree. To his surprise, he found that it was the form of Ganapathy that was taking shape. Thus he asked the chief priest to enshrine Ganapathy also after the consecration of Siva. The chief priest denied. This is a Siva temple. Ganapathy cannot be consecrated here. Perumthachan, desperate, walked towards the east and thus reached Kizhakkekkara Siva temple. As that priest was preparing offerings for the lord Unniyappam. Perumthachan asked him Can you not sanctify this Ganapathy here ?. The priest agreed. Perumthachan viewed the place Siva facing east, in front of that it is Ganga, Parvathy turned towards the west. Southwest there is Sastha and northwest Subrahmanya. If Ganapathy too is installed, Siva family will be complete. The place will be none other that Kailas itself. Thus Ganapathy was installed southeast by Perumthachan. Perumthachan then asked the priest Unni Ganapathy must be hungry.What is the sacrificial food that you have prepared?. Unniyappam was the reply. On a leaf, the priest placed six to seven Unniyappams stringed together. Perumthachan, with all his heart devoted his first offerings Koottappam. Koottappam is still known to be the most wanted nivedhyam for Kottarakkara Ganapathy. After the offering Perumthachan affectionately declared Though father is the main diety, the son will be much more famous. His words proved to be true. Kizhakkekkara Siva temple is now known as Kottarakkara Ganapathy temple.      Book Now