Kodungallur Bhagavathi Temple

The beginning of the temple is shrouded in antiquity. The temple was built to commemorate the martyrdom of Kannakis in the Sangam age. During the reign of Kulasekhara dynasty, Kodungallur was the capital of Kerala and one of the most important parts of the region. It is said that sixth avatar of Vishnu, Sage Parasurama has built this temple for the prosperity of the people. According to the old chronicles, this was the Bhagavathi temple created in the heart of the towe many centuries ago to serve a special purpose Legend says that after the creation of Kerala by Parasurama, he was harassed by a demon called Daruka. In order to kill this evil demon, Parasurama prayed to Lord Shiva for help. As advised by Shiva, Parasurama constructed the shrine and installed the Shakti Devi as Bhagavathi. The deity in the temple, it is believed, is Parashakthi herself. According to legends, it was Bhadrakali who killed the evil demon Daruka. According to popular beliefs, the temple in the olden days was a Buddhist monastery. But according to Kerala historians, Kodunganallore, Trikkanamthikam and the neighboring areas were Buddhist and Jain centres during the Chera period. Legends say that Palliband Perumal, a ruler from that area embraced Buddhism and as a result of which, he had to abandon the Perumalship owing to severe opposition from the Hindu community. According to another belief, the temple was built by Charan Chenguttavan. Elango Adigal, younger brother of Chenguttavan, wrote his monumental work Shilappadikaram residing at Kodungallur. He later embraced Buddhism and spent the rest of his life in the Buddhist monastery at Trikkanamthikam. From time immemorial, persons wishing to earn merit have been offering animal sacrifice.      Book Now


Azhikode Munakkal Beach Festival Place. Old harbour situated on the shores Periyar river which joins Arabian sea, in Kodungallur Taluk. First church in India in the name of St.Thomas, who came here for the propagation of Christianity , is situated here. The famous Kodungallur Bhagavathy temple and Cheraman Juma Masjid is around 10 KM away from this place. Azhikode beach is big and beautiful but swimming is not recommended. Authorities attention solicited. First among the coastal tourism development projects proposed under the tsunami rehabilitation plan the Azhikode Munakkal beach project recently got inaugurated by the Minister for Tourism, Mr. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. This beach stretch is located in Thrissur district of Kerala. The tourism projects undertaken in the tsunami rehabilitation plan will be added to Kerala      Book Now