From time immemorial Kasaragod has been wellknown to the world outside. But very few studies and researches are done regarding the history of Kasaragod. That few studies hail the diversity of this place. Being an important trade centre the place has lured travellers from different parts of the world especially the Arabs and Europeans. The pamphlets and descriptions written by these adventurous travellers about the cultural and economic diversity of Kasaragod are the only sources available to us. Between the 9th and 14th centuries the place was visited by many Arab travellers. The Arabs who frequented this place called it by the name Harkiwilla. In 1514 the Portuguese traveller Duarte Barbosa visited Kumbla, a place near Kasargod. The records made by this famous traveller stand testimony to the fact that rice was exported to Maldives from here.In his travelogue, written during the visit to kasaragod in 1800, Dr. Francis Buchanan, the family doctor of Arthur Wellesley, recorded information on places like Athiraparambu, Kavvai, Nileshwaram, Bekal, Chandragiri and Manjeshwaram. The political history of Kasaragod starts with the Tuluva kingdom. The Northernmost parts of Kasaragod District were once within the territory of the Tuluva kingdom. The central and southern parts were under the rule of Chirakkal (Mushika or Kolathiri) Royal Family of North Kerala. Bits and glimpses of the past are available to us in the form of stories and legends. Local legends of Kasaragod say that there were 32 Malayalam and 32 Tulu villages in this region. Kasaragod, for a long time, was part of the domain of the Kolathiri family. Even when the region was attacked by the Vijayanagara Empire it was under the rule of the Kolathiri Raja. Nileshwaram was one of his capitals.       Book Now


Madhur Temple is located at a distance of 8 Km from Kasaragod town. The Madhur Temple is situated on the banks of river Madhuvahini.Madhur Temple Kasaragod The rich architecture of Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple is unique threetiered dome, copperplated roofing and a cloistered court rises majestically against the beautiful landscape of the Madhuvahini River. Namaskara Mandapam of this temple is adorned with lovely pictures of mythological heroes in wood. A more indepth examination of the wood carvings will reveal the different episodes of the Ramayana, starting with the Seethga Swayamvaram. The Mantapam in the inside of this temple structure and the exterior facade of the second as well as third storey of this main building are also plentiful by nicelooking and superb wood carvings.Madhur temple was initially Madhanentheswara Temple (Lord Shiva) and it is believed that, a low caste female by name Madura found an Udbhava Murthy (a statue that is not prepared by a human being) of shiva linga.The main attraction of Madhur Temple is statue of Lord Ganapathi on the wall of the sanctum sanctorum (Garbhagriha). The statue of Ganapathi was drawn by a brahmin boy and he was son of a priest. He drew a small Ganapathy but the image became big and fat. Therefore the boy called the Ganapathi as Bodda Ganesha or Boddajja.As per the legend of Kumble, Tipu Sultan of Mysore attacked the Madhur temple and desired to demolish the temple during his invasion of Kodagu, Tulunadu as well as Malabar.      Book Now


Malom is a very beautiful and eco friendly hillside town nestling on the lap of Western Ghats located in Kasaragod district of Kerala, India. Malom is also a border town of Kerala and an entrance to Karnataka forest. Being a hillside Town in western ghats Malom have also got many attractive tourist locations and resorts. Malom is located between two famous hillstations in India i.e Ranipuram and kottancheri. A Muslim theyyam called Mukri Pokker is practiced in Malom. The amount of forest cover creates a pleasant and cold climate in the region. Malom is blessed with a high amount of rainfall because of its large forest area including keralakarnataka reserve forest, rain forest near konnakkad, Malom Wildlife Sauntuary and The RanipuramKottencheri Belt.This beautiful place is one of the must visit destinations when you are passing through Western ghats. The beautiful nature and cool climate makes Malom one of the hotspots to enjoy your trip when you are passing through Kasargod district, in Kerala. Malom village is located between two world famous hill stations in India; Ranipuram and Kottanchery. Malom is also known for its cultural heritage, as being referred to in the history of many temples and taravadus in Kasaragod district. The rain forest near konnakkad, Malom Wildlife Sauntuary, Theanvarikallu waterfalls, and RanipuramKottencheri hillstation, should be a must visit.Kanhangad Rail Way Station, Nileshwar Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Malom. Mangalore Rail Way Station is major railway station 76 KM near to Malom. Have a beautiful and peaceful weekend here.      Book Now

Nileshwar Temple

Nileshwar is the cultural capital town of Kasaragod district. It is also spelled as Nileswaram by the local people. It lies between two rivers: Nileshwaram puzha and Thejaswini puzha. The Arabian Sea is to the west. It is the third largest town in the Kasargod district. It is one of the three municipalities of Kasaragod district; the others are Kasaragod and Kanhangad. E. M. S. Namboodiripad who was the Kerala s first Chief Minister was elected from Nileshwaram. Nileshwar is the cultural capital town of Kasaragod district. It is also spelled as Nileswaram by the local people. It is the third largest town in the Kasargod district. It is one of the three municipalities of Kasaragod district; the others are Kasaragod and Kanhangad. E. M. S. Namboodiripad who was the Kerala s first Chief Minister was elected from Nileshwaram. Nileshwar , a major town in Kasaragod District, Kerala ,is referred as the cultural capital of North Malabar. Moreover, It is one of the three municipalities of Kasaragod. Kerala s first Chief Minister E. M. S. Namboodiripad was elected from Nileshwaram. Nileshwar is the one of the major cities in Kasaragod district which holds the historical, cultural and political importance .People can enjoy the beauty of Nileshwar by sitting and enjoying the ride in a Houseboat which can be taken on rent. The place is a true beauty of Nature and it is considered as a good spot for trekking.      Book Now


Much of the popular backwater attractions of Kerala are located in the southern and central parts of the State. Contrary to this belief, here is a serene backwater network in the northern most district of Kerala Kasaragod. Here adjoining the backwaters of Valiyaparampu lies a beautiful backwater village of Thekkekadu, which has an inspiring story to share with its visitors. It is all about Padanna s crusader in selfemployment, Mr. Gul Mohammed and his backwater retreat Oyster Opera at Padanna.Set amidst avenues of coconut tress and crisscrossed by canals and fanned by backwaters the retreat has everything natural at its core of existence and functioning. It is located at Padanna, near Cheruvathur in the District of Kasaragod. One man s passion to enhance the livelihood of his fellow villagers has now culminated in the form of a retreat, and the first theme village of Kerala. That is Oyster Opera at Padanna with oyster farming as its theme. It is now a source of income to thousands and a destination for those who would love to be part of the very best of available natural settings.Facilities out here at Oyster Opera reflect the cultural and traditional traits of the local people. Here, the villagers play host during your stay at the retreat. The whole ambience does not have the sophistication of modern day resorts and the visitors are bound to appreciate this aspect the moment they land at Padanna and till they bid goodbye. But saying goodbye to Padanna is never easy. Because such is the kind of satisfaction and pleasure that you get here, it makes you yearn for more. The resort has, as mentioned earlier, natural interventions in almost all of the facilities offered to its guests. Be it the restaurants, where you get to relish many of the local mouthwatering delicacies, including green mussels and clams or your place of dwelling, toilets and bathrooms. Currently at Oyster Opera, guests have option to go for three Cottages on land, one Float House, one Elevated House with well equipped kitchen, occupancy for two, veranda, toilet and bathroom.Once at Padanna, one can literally explore every inch of the village on your own. The brackish water of Padanna and its surrounding villages are endowed with great natural beauty. Nearby the retreat one could visit a number of tiny palmfringed islands and also coconut lagoons and mangroves.       Book Now

Ranipuram Hills

Situated 750 m above sea level, Ranipuram is famous for its trekking trails and varied vegetation evergreen shola woods, monsoon forests and grasslands. This area was formerly known as Madathumala. The extensive forests of Madathumala merge with the forests of Karnataka. Ranipuram in its natural beauty is comparable to Ooty. Wild elephants can be seen wandering on the top of the mountains. Jeep services to Ranipuram are readily available from Panathady, which is linked to Kanhangad by frequent bus services.      Book Now