Kappad Beach

Located 16 km away from Kozhikode in the south India state of Kerala, the beautiful place called Kappad beach was discovered by the Portuguese explorer Vascoda Gama during 15th century. It is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it an ideal beach holiday destination for relaxation. Dotted with fascinating formation of rocks on all its sides, the beach landscape includes several coconut groves and long stretches of silvery sands drenched by lathered surf that soothingly rolls up and down the shores. Also known as Kappakadavu beach, it is one of the famous beaches that is just 16 km away from Calicut, India. It is very calm and famous for its tranquility and scenic beauty. A very thrilling feature of the Kappad beach is the rock that protrudes into the sea. The major attraction of the beach is an 800 year old temple, located nearby Kappad beach. For visitors it is suggested to come through backwaters to reach Kappad beach so that you can explore the beauty of nature. The golden sand and fishing hamlets in the vicinage also add to its peacefulness. Uncrowded and unspoilt, the beautiful backwaters of Kappad offer an enthralling experience. The best way to kappad beach is along the backwaters as you get a wonderful experience of being around such scenic beauty Kappad beach brings many activities that you may try during your visit. Take a boat ride or swim in the pristine backwaters or you may even play beach games with your friends or family. You may take a houseboat cruise down the river to Kappad as the backwaters of this place add charm to your beach tour. The beach is very popular for other leisure activities like sunbathing, shopping, sightseeing, etc. There are plenty of beach side shacks where you can get a variety of fresh sea food at reasonable cost      Book Now

Pookot Lake

Pookot Lake is a scenic freshwater lake in the Wayanad district in Kerala, South India. Pookot is a natural fresh water lake nestling amid evergreen forests and mountain slopes at an altitude of 770 meters above sea level. It is 15 km away from Kalpetta. Panamaram, the rivulet which ultimately becomes Kabani River, originates from the Pookot lake. It is spread across an area of 8.5 hectares and with a maximum depth of 6.5 metres. Lying 3 km south of Vythiri town, the lake is one of the most popular tourist spots in Wayanad. The lake has the shape of India map. This perennial fresh water lake, nestled among wooded hills, is only one of its kinds in Kerala. Pethia pookodensis, is a species of cyprinid fish known to occur only in Pookot Lake. The lake has abundance of blue lotus and fresh water fishes. The forests surrounding the lake hold many wild animals, birds and flies. There are groups of Blue water lily flowers scattered here and there in the lake. The lake is under the South Wayanad forest division and run by District Tourism promotion council. Boating facilities, children’s park, handicrafts and spices emporium and fresh water aquarium are among the tourist attractions here. The most important tourist destination in Wayanad, Pookot Lake is a natural fresh water lake nestled amidst evergreen forests and wooded slopes. Surrounded by lush greenery all around, this idyllic lake, with its breathtaking scenic beauty and peaceful ambience, mesmerizes every visitor on tour to Pookot Lake. The pathway around the lake is lined by thick bushes and tall trees which further add to the overall charm      Book Now


Elathur River alias Korapuzha, the boundary between North Malabar and South Malabar is formed by the joining of the two streams Punnurpuzha and Agalapuzha. The Punnurpuzha, which forms a part of the important West Coast Inland Navigation System, originates from Arikkanakunnu and the Agalapuzha serves as a backwater. The total length of the Korapuzha river is 40 kms. with a drainage area of 624 sq.kms. It merges into the Arabian Sea at Elathur and in their lower reaches, the river and its main tributaries become tidal. Korapuzha is the venue of the Korapuzha Jalotsavam, the water sports festival held during the month of August. Korapuzha is also called Elathur River originates in the mountains of Wayanad district flows 40 km and empties into the Arabian Sea at Elathur. Korapuzha is formed by the confluence of two streams, Agalapuzha and Punnoorpuzha. The river is a popular water sports and boating destinations in Kerala. This river is the venue of Korapuzha Jalotsav the Water festival of Kerala. It flows through various cities such as Vadakara, Beypore, Kallai, and Kozhikode and kappad beach and is 19 km away from the river side. The Punnurpuzha, which forms a part of the important West Coast Inland Navigation System, originates from Arikkanakunnu. But the Agalapuzha is more or less a backwater. Kappad is the place where the first European Vascoda Gama a Portuguese explorer set foot 500 years ago. The Korapuzha is generally considered as the boundary between the North Malabar and South Malabar in the erstwhile district of Malabar. Nair women were prohibited to cross Korapuzha from north malabar to south side even in the beginning of 20 century and faced ostracism from the cast. The Korapuzha bridge on the river is a beautiful bridge constructed by British. Watch the Mangroves of Korapuzha River and also Kappad beach can have Boating, fishing, water sports and swimming. Korapuzha is very famous for boat riding      Book Now